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FCS - Shannem : WoodKill Walkthrough

FCS - Shannem is a form of FCS, which disclused certain items of the game. It gives a reasonable impression, but the full version is only viewable if the official "Trial" is downloaded.

The Woodkill Walkthrough excludes all functions, except walking through it, and viewing Roy's Castle from the outside.

NOTE: The Engine for this was put on low, so the download'd only be 22 MB.

Note: It is very buggy, and looks ugly too. With the better engine it looks better.

Use WinRar, WinZip or any other extract program.

1. Download the file from one of our mirrors.

2. Extract it to a map you like.

3. From there you must install FCS - Engine first.

4. Unpack the files, best to put them to: C:Program FilesFCS EuropeShannem. Make this folder, this will make all of our engines run better and will give improved walking cycles.

This is the first Pre-Era Demo we ever released, post complaints at the forum or mail them to us.

You can view the download link to the right --> (May have to scroll ' bit)

Have fun viewing WoodKill.

[ - Forum Is Open! - ]

The Forum is Open!

Now you can register, ask questions, view art, and get in touch with the people it's all about!

Let King Roy, Nacho, or the Lich King answer all of your questions, let you tell stories and more!

What are you waiting for? It's free!

Go to : www.fcseurope.yourbb.nl and register now!

[ - Welcome! Welkom! Wilkommen! - ]

Welcome to the Interactive Gaming Portal ; FCS - Europe, responsible for making FCS - Online (Forthcoming Scars)

First of all, welcome to our website!

We are a website who is creating a low-cost game, but with high quality, for all the people who like; Strategy, RPG, 1th Person and 3th person. We combined all the types, and we're liking the result. It's still in the making. We're working on a system so you can click on something to watch it, but that's for later. Please use for now: CTRL + F, and type the word in you want to know. This game is already preorderd by alot of people, but they could be joking aswell.

We hope you have a good time at our interactive community!

[ - Sponsor , Advertise & More - ]

FCS - Online stand for Forthcoming Scars online. First of all, allow us to explain the name. Forth is the name of the Country, it's named after the main river supplying all the Factions with water, and fish. Coming and Scars mean the coming threats to forth, the Scars are double. Forth has quite some scars of all the wars being fought on their soil. The Scars are also the Tribe ran by Dorotheus, the main invader of the country.

The game which is likely to be bought, played and watched by alot of people, can provide essential commercial for your company. I would like you to mail me personally at soundandfuryii@hotmail.com (This is the character Nacho) r-_-y@hotmail.com (This is King Roy's email). Dorotheus can be emailed too at: hannibal008@hotmail.com

Please include:

Personal Name:

Company's Name:


Idea's of sponsorship/advertisement etc.:

How can we contact you?:

Open Space:

Fill this in, and we will reply to you a.s.a.p

Perhaps you want a banner down the game, so you can advertise, or a merchant in game who advises you to go your site. You name it.

[ - FCS Is made by - ]

If you want to view our Intro of Scared Prod. TM you can download it HERE.

FCS Is made with the following programs:

Ruby Scripting Method.

Ruby Scripting Simplified

Sony Vegas 7.0

Sony SoundForge 9.0

Sony Acid 6.0

Pinaccle Studio

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Adobe Indesign

and last, but not least: RPG Maker XP.

You'll need Shockwave Player to view this. Soon will there be a new Intro, so stay tuned. 

[ - Crew - ]


Interested in helping creating FCS? Please email me, (Nacho) at the following e-mail: soundandfuryii@hotmail.com. Then please say what you want to do, we will give you an assignment, and your name will be put on the website.

Always wanted to know who are working on FCS? This is your chance! The names are under. NOTICE!: If you would like to be removed, please e-mail us. Thanks.

Graphic Designers;

Yoram Boer, Roy van der Westen

RGSS - Scripters & In-Game Skills

Yoram Boer, Roy v.d. Westen, Victor Jevsevar,


Yoram Boer, Roy v.d. Westen, Victor Jevsevar, Vincent te Beek, Gino Parapente, Jason Boer.

Flash Animatons:

Yoram Boer, Jason Boer, Joost van den Berghe (Tijdelijke Time-Out), Doney den Ouden (Awared Maker)


Vincent te Beek

Part-Timers (Are fit in in everywhere)

Koen van Hollingen

Kees Rottingen

Doney den Ouden

Vincent te Beek [Longer]

Titus de Bruijn [Very very short]

Godfried Servais

Thank you very much. If you have any questions about the names, please e-mail us to helpdesk@fcseurope.us.tt. We will need at least 4-48 hours to respond.

NOTE! If you will spam/counterfeit e-mails, you will be removed and no business will be done, and your IP Will be tracked. So wherever you log-in, you will not.

[ - Requirements & Runs Great On - & ]

    And runs great on!

FCS Online, Requirements:

CPU Celeron 500MHz P3-700MHz or higher
RAM 64MB 64MB (Could change due to Patch)
HDD 250MB space needed 400MB space needed

Window 98/ME/2K/XP

All Up-Todate Macintoshes

Window 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista
VGA 3D acceleration card 3D acceleration card
SOUND  None Required 16bit Sound Card
NETWORK 56kps MODEM Cable Modem

(Lay-Out wasn't selfcreated)

Notice please!: We tested this on laptops, and they worked! Sometimes, you might endure a lagg, but it won't really matter

FCS Is Laptop Capable.

Runs Great on:

VGN-AR31M With a good soundcard.

VGN-AR51SU Is capable.

Thank you for viewing.

[ - Factions - ]

The Official Forthian Factions.

King Roys' Army.

King Roy is the Official Leader of Forth (Funny thing: Almost everybody in the family is named Roy.) He lives in the South and once controlled the complete world of Forth. He now shares with Nacho and The Lich King Dorotheus, The Barbarians and so on. His special class is: "Paladin".

The Guarilla's

Nacho (the Conquerer) is the leader of The Guarilla's they live in the middle-east of Forth. They control the woods in the middle, and a few towns. They're strength is sneaking. Made a pact with Roy to destroy the Lich King Dorotheus. His Special Class is: "Hunter"

The Lichs' Forces.

The Ruler of the Lichs'Forces is Dorotheus

  (The Lich King). He thinks Forth should be his. He lives in the south,every town he conquers, he burns and rebuilds in Darkness. All of his Forces won't get salary. They get it from Looting and Plundering. His Special Cass is: "Tormentor" (A dark warrior, which has powerfull attack, very low armor, and very high dark spells)

The Barbaros (The barbarians)

The Barbarians live in the North, above Chicana. They try to conquer Chicana and so on whole of Forth. They're in Forth for now 3500 years. The Barbarians get a good salary. Not much is known about them. Their Special Class is : Axemen.

The Chiwozt.

The Chiwozt is leaded by Veronica. Veronica, is indeed female. She controls 1/100 of the Forthian Woods. She's friends with everybody (Seriously). Their Special Class is: "Golden Healer" (Special abilities, such as Golden Mass Heal etc.)

Thank you for viewing. New Factions can be created.
But it will be hard to conquer.


[ - The All New & Official : Forthian Chronics - ]


The Land of Forth has been around us for a very long time, though the history of Forth is written in blood, and ink.. but this all couldn't have happend without the United Leagues of Forth. (ULOF Which is the pact between Nacho and Roy)

But It wasn't united before 5986 B.T.L.

The Original name of the name trying to unite forth was Kanni'wah. He was trained in the eastern woods, and wanted just a country as it was there. Since he made alot of money, he decided to conquer a province.

That Province does not exist today. No provinces are in Forth anymore. Since the Lich has come, they had to change it numerous times, so they decided to De-Province the spots, and name the areas to the Towns. (For example, the area around Woodkill, is named Principado Woodkill. and the area around Chicana is called, Provincia Chicana.

You can view a map of Forth how it looks now. at THIS link. (Thanks to ImageShack TM for hosting.)

The World continued to change and change. Then it became 2356 B.T.L. . To the East, the Barbarian Tribes were active, and they decided that they didn't have enough land after all. They invaded forth, and if you would look at the map, they started invading in "ApperPorTiv". Where they still live today. In other words, The Guarilla's (Under command of Nacho) had to take action. They did. They tried to conquer ApperPorTiv, by making one smashing attack. Unfortunately, they failed. The Barbarians knew of their attack and attacked Chicana at the exact same moment. The Guarilla's had to withdraw A.S.A.P back, to not lose their capital. Fortunately, they managed to defeat the Barbarians there. They ran back into Chicana and build a new wall. the Chicanic Walls.

Since then, Chicana was attacked Fourteen! (14) times.

Only once it almost was a loss for Nacho, but he made it good. He fired his new discovery. The Flaming BroadHeadArrow. Nobody ever made them flaming, and he did. The Barbarians got scared and run. Chicana was attacked in 925 D.T.L for the last time (Current Epoch: 1988 D.T.L). Since then, nobody tried to attack them.


Yes Indeed. In 1453 D.T.L Woodkill was besieged. Nacho would helped Roy, but the Barbarians sneaked and nobody knew until that day. They surrounded Woodkill, and anyone who would come out, would have an axe in his head A.S.A.P. . Roy sallyed out of it and tried to make them flee. Unsuccesfull. The Barbarians ran in and killed everyone in Woodkill. Roy and his remaining men (440 of the 55,500) to Chicana. Nacho decided to send a back-squad (Nacho prefers weird names) with: 500 Specially Woodkillian Trained Infantrists. (Also known as SWTI). 35,000 Elite Archers 5,000 Woodkillian Trained Cavalrists and 10,000 Home-Trained Spearmen. They attacked Woodkill, but nobody was there. It was only raided. Roy went back in and trained his troops better. Giving them golden Plate. And golden swords, the walls were upgraded. The Barbarians tried to make one more strike, but that was no-chancing. Roy then builded the Prentawa. (More Familiar as the Empire Pentagon). Which trained all of his people for 5 months, to be a good militia when under attack.


GriGuzza, is a town which was located, let's say.. 25 km west of (The Town Known As) ApperAtiva. (4 CM On map). There it was. From there, it was said that 45,000 Years ago (!) Forth was ruled by a magician. He managed to defeat the Immigrants, Barbarians, and any Lichy-Like creature. It was said to be a myth, until lately RavenStonic Archeologists found there all kinds of spreaded stone, culture pages, and very important: Paintings!. The Museums in Forth are united, so Chicana Woodkill Ravenstone, are not in war (So the Archeologists can get into any town without being attacked.) You can view these remainings at the RavenStonic Officially Museum (ROM). Entrance costs: 20 Gold. Or Joining the army for one week.

The Great Plague of She'ly.

She'ly is an old city located in the east of Forth, it has been destructed exactly 1,299 years ago (3,464 years now, an old book!). She'ly was kind of the Capital of Forth for some time. Since it was the first major city to ever pop out of the earth. Approximately 20,000 people lived and worked here. The culture was advanced, and people could get up to 65, in Chic'ana (This is an old spelling, the ' is left away in modern days) this is only 35. But when the Barbarians came with a tribute, they brought disease. What could be a plain cold to them, was to the Non-Disease knowing She'lians a big plague. 1/3 of the people died.

Thinking the tributes contained poisoned items, they brought them back to the Barbarians, this ment war. Soon the weakend She'lians attacked the Barbarians, this war is also known as the Eras War, cause Forth wouldn't be here without the war.

The advanced culture wasn't prepared for war, and so the Barbarians won and renamed She'ly to Aper, when they found out there was a harbor they didn't name it AperPort but AperPor, this was an eastern dialect. When the Tivians came from the North, who wanted to take Forth aswell, the barbarians took action. The last siege of them was at ApperPor. They Tivians defeated, and as a reminder to this victory Tiv was added. Since then it's the strangest name on Forthian Ground; ApperPorTiv.

Thanks for Reading. We are looking in the Chicanian and Woodkillian Library to find more books with tales. Then they will get here.

See you in Forth!

[ - Expectation Date - ]

Always wanted to know when to be able, to buy our grand MMORPG?
Because of our low-populated crew, it takes alot of time to make a good functioning MMORPG, ready to serve the public. We can only give you an estimated release date:

Expectation Date of FCS:

21th of December 2008.

Price: 4,60 $ per month. 15 to buy. 39,95 for including boxart.


Everyone who keeps supporting us out there, thanks alot. We really appreciate all the help we can get.

Nacho the Conquerer

[ - The All New ; FCS Children Sector - ]

- First of all thank you for visiting this sector. A short explanation will be given. The Children Sector is a place on the Website, where Children under the age of Thirteen, can look to find information. For example it's a 13+ Game. Here they can view texsts written for their age. Thank you for reading. If you are above 13, you will not have to read all this.

Hey there, Boy, Girl! 

How are you doing? I hope you're all okay :). King Roy and Me, are okay too. We are trying to keep peace, and it is working! Hooray!.

But, there's a little problem. We know that you like FCS, just like us of course!, but you're not old enough to play it. Now of course, you can fraud us by just saying you're a 35 year old (Fe)male, but this might damage your brains and give you some .. thoughts. Which are not okay at your age yet. Though you may visit the site as many times as you wish, you will not be able to play the game. (Though we are making a 7-12 Year sector, with certain items blocked out). So unfortunate, you will have to wait a bit longer ;(.

See you in Forth, when you're a grown Male, or a Female.


Please pay attention to your kids going online, slaugthering everyone around them. Let them take breaks, and most of all, Curtains open, Good distance from the screen, and don't forget: Bring your friends to Forth, but bring them outside too. That doesn't sound to good maybe, but! You can learn a lot of things from FCS.

What to L E A R N from FCS?

First of all it's good to get in touch with people, and having a good time whilst it's bad weather outside, but what éxactly makes FCS - Online such a good game? Take look.

1) You will get a massive insight in certain things (On quests, also known as missions) which can help you with Maths, or at your job.

2) You will communicate with a lot of people. Black, white, think, fat, green, ugly, nice, beautiful, or disgusting. Your child(ren) will learn that te world is a nice spot, where you will be helped.

3) You may also get used to certain things. For example, if people try to fraud you in the game (If somebody does this they are immediately banned with an IP ban, which makes their computer never go on again) you will get used to it I.R.L (In real live) too then.


I hope you all have learned something from this.

To those 7-12 old: See you soon! I hope..

To those 13- 99 : Why don't you log in? See if you can beat the gang. 

[ ! FCS - Online, Discovery Released !]

FCS Shannem is only available to Moderators at the moment. 


FCS - Online Discovery, can be found in the menu. To the Right (-->)

- [ This Week's, How Are You Doing? ] -

Hey There! How are you doing, Garland?

 Dewgh! What's there to be good or bad.. Megh! (An extremely nasty, and loud cough comes out) Wish I had some cake! That'd be nice. Well okay! You want me to say: "Hi there! Yes I'm allright"!.There you go! Isn't that nice?. Well actually, I was hoping the Lich would finally beat that bush-bush in the east, and that dumb-brains of a Roy... MEGH!. So unfair! 2 to 1. Argh..

My mom is calling me.. Oh no, she died three years ago. Bugger.

Yeck! PeanApples!?


~| Scared! Newsflash |~


The New News!

Currently we're working on an improved system to keep the server running, we also have a main bug, which delays the creating of Forthcoming Scars - Online big-time. We are doing our best, for all the Pre-Buyers out there, we've made 5 new missions, 2 new instances and added 10 hours of offline gameplay!

Q: W..TF Is PreBuy?

Some people insisted on getting the game for a higher cost at an early rate, all these servers are not hack-proof, and it's quite buggy. These people are Die - Hard FCS'ers. The Admins may not log-in yet with a reason. If they do, these accounts can be hacked easily, and with that the entire Website and Game can be hacked..

Also we've been working on a new Logo for FCS.

Also check out the new expectation date, system requirements and the Crew List.